Pune Yesterday.

This is a drone camera clip of Pune yesterday when we went into voluntary total curfew following an appeal from our Prime Minister.

From today till the 31st of March, the curfew like situation will no longer be voluntary. We have to stay indoors except for emergencies.

There is no traffic and therefore one can now hear the sound of insects and cicadas that we had stopped hearing for decades. The air is cleaner and last night, we could see the stars for a change. we can hear the birds sing and our garden is suddenly full of butterflies.

I am catching up with a lot of reading after my regular dose of solving crossword puzzles. Thankfully, the news papers have not been stopped from publishing and delivering papers to homes.

I have a feeling, shared by many of my friends that after this drama’s curtains come down, may be even after a few months, our lives will be of a different nature than they have been over the past few decades.

A Brilliant Idea.

All of us are exposed to drones. You know the kind that keeps going on and on and will not indulge in conversations. This breed insists on monologues and unless one is willing to be rude, like I am often reputed to be with drones, one is forced to endure such painful episodes.

Not anymore. A devise that is an epitome of simplicity in its concept will simply shut such drones up without much ado. I hope that it is soon made available in a more handy and clandestine use capability version for discriminating people to carry around unobtrusively.

You can read all about it here.