The Ear.

I have been getting messages about ears the last week or so. Just one after the other. I wonder if there is a message in that!

The first one was this article on the third of February in The Independent on Earobics. I strongly recommend this very entertaining article.

I was intrigued and amused enough to conduct some research on this new word and I was startled to find that there is a Multisensory Learning Solution called Earobics.

Then came another phrase in a mail from a friend – As cute as a bug’s ear. Bugs have ears which are cute? I had never heard this phrase before and did some research. My old faithful, The Wordsworth Dictionary of Phrase and Fable could not help. I finally found it by googling for it and am wiser for it.

On Sunday, the only clue that beat me on the Sunday cryptic crossword puzzle was this one: “Ear shaped Maori fur wrap”. (8 letters) I will now have to wait till next Sunday to get that solution unless one or more of my readers come up with the solution!

The last one – Some visitors who dropped in to see my father were amazed at his general health at his age. The only problem they could find was the need to raise their voices as he kept cupping his ears to indicate that he couldn’t hear them!