Back To The Park.

My regular readers will remember that a significant part of my daily routine was my daily evening visits to our neighbourhood park.  After I was advised to stop walking as an exercise and use an excercycle instead, in April, I had stopped going there.  I use this monster which is kept in my bedroom.


Yesterday morning, I was sitting in our verandah and reading a magazine when a passing acquaintance stopped by and jokingly said that he was happy to see me alive. The joke was because he had not seen in me in the park since April and recently two mutual acquaintances and regular visitors to the park had died as had my nephew just last week.

So, I readily agreed to visit the park with my daughter in law yesterday evening when the skies had cleared and the sun was out. It was a momentous visit with many old friends expressing relief at seeing me alive and with a daughter in law to add to the occasion. After about an hour the clouds gathered and it looked as though it would rain and we came back home, escaping a shower by just a few minutes.

I think that I will resume going back at a gentle amble to the park in the evenings whenever there is a lull in the monsoon. The change did me good. And my park friends can rest assured that I have not kicked the bucket.