Déjà vu.

This is Rosalyn, the first person ever to make me a rakhi brother. Unfortunately, I am not able to locate a better photograph of hers than this passport photograph which I borrowed from her daughter in law for the purpose of this post.

We moved into the flat that we live now in December 1990. Just a few months after we had moved in Rosalyn Soans with her son Lubin, daughter in law Suzan, grand children Amrisha and Arup moved in into another flat in the same complex. As Indian neighbours are wont to, over a period of time we both families became very good friends and that friendship continues till today.

Rosalyn was a regular visitor to our place as were we to their place. Many a meal has been shared together if not in one dining room, by exchanging dishes cooked in one.

After Roaslyn made me her brother, I used to tease Lubin and his sister Sheela who lives in Mumbai that I was their Uncle now and they should start calling me Uncle instead of by my first name. Like all nephews and nieces, they never obeyed me.

Rosalyn passed away in 2003 and one of her great regrets was not being able to see her other daughter Edna who had settled down in the USA and was unable to visit India due to some technical/bureaucratic problem with obtaining a visa. Forty years after she left India, Edna finally sorted out all the problems and visited India last month and came to stay with Lubin and Suzy.

I went to meet her and it was déjà vu. I was speechless for a while till Suzy asked me to say what everyone else was saying about seeing Edna after so many years.

It was like meeting Roaslyn!

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