Visit To Khandala.

What Abbas missed most was the presence of Urmeela when Ranjan, Husena, Abbas and I accompanied by Nitin went to spend a few hours at Abbas’s week end retreat and farm at Khandala yesterday. Whenever the topic of week end trips to Khandala came up he would sing this song or at least croak it for her. And she would smile and say, no thank you.

Here are some photographs of their week end bungalow followed by some of their farm. You can click on them to get enlarged versions.

This is Abbas sitting near the window overlooking the garden in his bungalow.
abbas at home



one view of garder

This is Ranjan in the bungalow
Ranj at home

The following ones show Husena with the caretaker’s wife at the farm, Abbas and Husena enjoying some farm grown fruit and some cold water, and the ancient cottage that is the care taker’s quarters at the farm.
Hus in farm
Hus and Abb

At the right side of the bottom most photograph, you can see part of a black dog. He is a three legged friendly old rascal who entertained us quite a bit there.

From the farm, we went into Lonavala and had lunch and icecream before heading back to Pune. All in all a nice relaxing trip.