All Hope Abandon Ye Who…………


…… Who Keep Beards.

If you did not know, that is me.  Hardly any hair on top to crow about but a neatly trimmed beard.

Despite the absence of hair on the top I was hoping till about half an hour ago that I still have some chance with the ladies. My hopes have just been dashed. As usual, some academics with more money to spend than subjects to research on have found that I am now passe.

My bearded friends, we have two options. Bravely decide to stay with our single isolated status or shave the damned things off. I am opting for the former and modern taste be damned.

What about you Shackman and David?

Fashion And Comfort.

Maxi has this fascinating post on English language for the LBC Friday routine.

armpit vaginasI however have a sneaking feeling that even she will find this appalling.  Right at the end of the article, you can see how much women will be expected to spend in India to get rid of the unappealing look!  Ganesha save them.

Why are women making their lives increasingly uncomfortable for themselves by obsessing about their looks, their clothes, their make up and so on?

drainpipesI got my first official employment when I was eighteen and was attached to a veteran supervisor who gave me, among many other great tips, one which I have never ignored. This was way back in 1961 when trousers which were called drain pipes and shoes with pointed toes were in fashion and all young people wore them. I was young too!

The old vet took one look at my trousers and shoes and said, “young man, if you want to succeed as a salesman, get into some comfortable clothes in which you can last a ten to twelve hour shift of moving about, traveling by public transport, using public toilets etc”, and sent me home to change into what he specified, comfortable underwear and outerwear and no exceptions.  He said, that I could be fashionable in the evenings but I will not be effective during working hours in uncomfortable clothes. I had enough sense to obey him rather than rebel and have never regretted it.

I have passed on that piece of wisdom to many others and I think that it did a lot of good to a lot of people.

Can’t some veterans advise these young women?

After the post went live, I got a forward which I think is synchronicity working overtime for me.  Please patiently read this remarkable piece of writing.