The door bell rang at 11.30 am this morning and I found a courier from Amazon with a parcel for me. First, this is the first time that I received a parcel from Amazon on a Sunday and secondly, I had not ordered anything from them. I checked to see that it was indeed addressed to me and opened it to see if either Ranjan or Manjiree had ordered something for me.

This is what I found.
Bingo! The light went on and here is a flashback to last Thursday.

A young couple, very dear to me who for some strange reason, has adopted me into their family called up to invite me to have lunch with them. I readily agreed and we had a great lunch at a favourite restaurant close to my home. Before the lunch GP told me that she would not order anything as she was on a diet plan which had enabled her to lose six kilograms in just as many weeks through a fasting programme. She said that she would help herself to little bit of what I ordered for myself and from her husband KS’s plate as well.

I was curious about this fasting programme and she explained it further to me by telling me about the above book which was recommended to her by another mutual acquaintance who had lost ten kilograms in six weeks. She believed that by following the programme listed in the book, I should be able to improve on my breathing condition and promised to send the book across for me to read.  (I also suspect that she wants me to shed some kilograms!)

Instead of sending her copy to me, she had simply ordered a copy from Amazon for me! What a delightful surprise gift! I rang her up to remonstrate and thank her, and she sweetly suggested that instead of thanking her, I do the same for someone else. What a lady!

I started reading the book and completed reading the introductions by Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore. I am quite impressed with their approach to the subject of fasting.  I intend going back to reading the book after I finish my daily session at the computer to attend to my mail, blogging, facebook etc.  I shall write another post once I finish reading it.

Thank you GP.

Feast Not Fast.

Many years ago in an organisation that I worked in, we had a lunch room which would serve nutritious lunches every day.  Whenever I was in town, I would have lunch there.  The peculiarity of this lunch room was that on Thursdays, it would offer sabudana khichdi along with the normal fare for those who observe a fast on Thursdays.

While most of my colleagues would restrict their intake to the khichdi, I would take everything else on offer as well as the khichdi, much to the bewilderment of the fasting fellows.  I would tell them repeatedly that for them the khichdi may be fasting food whereas for me it was feasting food.  I have always liked both the khichdi and the vada versions of this delicious Maharashtrian dish.

While Urmeela was as fond of the khichdi, our son Ranjan never took to it somehow and we therefore did not make it at home whenever he was in.

For the past few days, I had been longing to have the khichdi version which I had not had for quite some time now, and when Ranjan left for an outstation trip this morning, I suggested to Manjiree that we have it for lunch and that is what we did.


As I write this a good four and a half hours after the meal, I am yet to recover from doing more than justice to a fantastic preparation made by our help Mangal. A veritable feast indeed.