A New Career?

Ranjan’s good friend and a casting director for many advertising agencies and filming units RD, suddenly threw a googly at me. She had met me casually at home on a couple of occasions and I do not know what made her do that but, Last Wednesday, out of the blue, she asked if I would consider acting in a commercial film.

I was quite taken aback and flattered at the same time. For a lark, I agreed and for the first time ever, had an experience of being an actor for a commercial film.

As I write this, all that I know is that I gave a creditable performance, and that I shall be shortly advised as to whether the scene shot with me will be the one that will be the final chosen one. Till then, I have proved my worth to them and will hence forth be on their roll for roles calling for bald headed, well built senior citizens.

I am not at liberty to tell what product for which the film was shot. I am however allowed to say that it is a fast moving consumer product and is slotted for some big time all India exposure shortly.

The experience was, to say the least weird. I was asked to wait till I was called. I was made to wait in a very comfortable hotel suite and was provided with all possible distractions including some very attractive young ladies also waiting to be called for the shoot.

Just before I was called, one of the older ladies, a middle aged matron, announced to the others, who apparently she knew from earlier shoots, that she was being paired with a gorgeous man for the shoot. I was immediately called to go with her and I thanked her for calling me a gorgeous man and hoped that she was serious about the compliment. Bless her quick wittedness, she oohed and aahed and said indeed she was.

So, the two of us went off for the shoot which took all of five minutes, but the drive to and from the location was longer, more like ten minutes either way. The location was on a park bench under some very tall shady trees and the action, very, ahem, romantic!

The long and short of it is that I am supposed to have made some pocket money, the colour of which, I will see soon and gained an unforgettable experience. I shall keep my readers informed about further developments. Who knows, I may make a new career at this late stage of my life!