Fishes Of The Sea.

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Indian coastline stretches about 5700 kms on the mainland and about 7500 kms including the two island territories. So, sea food is quite a normal part of the daily diet of the coastal population.

The popular fishes that are caught for the table are: Clams, Crab, Indian Salmon, King Fish, Lady Fish, Mackerel, Pearl Spot, Seer Fish, Pomfret, Prawn,Sardines, shark etc.

Apart from the fish that is caught, sold and cooked fresh everyday, during the summer months, some fish and small prawns are caught and dried in the sun to be used during the monsoons and as flavouring agents in some curry dishes.

Before I became a vegetarian, I was a great sea food eater and my favourite fishes were:



Towards the end of my working life, I was also involved with the fishing industry in India and had many an opportunity to interact with the fisherfolk all along India’s coast and in a few overseas locations too.

I also had opportunities to go to sea on fishing vessels and have seen fish being caught. One type of fish that I had been told from childhood that existed in the seas, which I had hoped to find,however eluded me.