Fatal Attraction.

In his comments on my post “Minimum Age For Marriage”, Magpie11 had this to say in part.

“I was embarrassed yesterday, when returning from the metropolis on the train, to find myself being scanned by a nubile young woman diagonally opposite me. She sat down, glanced across to me, smiled and allowed (allowed?) her pupils to dilate…or maybe she was using belladonna. She did not appear to be much more than 17 0r 18 years old. Now don’t forget that little girls as young as 6 months old can pull the same trick.”

I could not resist the temptation to tease him a bit and responded with this:

“You lucky devil you. Still being given the come on looks! Come on, share the secret with us. Some special deodorant spray that is advertised with such themes? I have so far paid scant attention to them, but if they work for you, may be I will try too.”

And Ursula barged right in with this:

“I beg your pardon, Ramana: Deodorant? What sort of backhanded compliment is that? Magpie’s charms are not bottled, or tinny for that matter. Though he liberally sprays.

My guess it’s the eyes, maybe a smile (hint of). There is no age barrier to that x-factor.”

Now, I cannot resist the temptation to put this up for my readers’ entertainment.