My Favourite Music.


My favourite music is Indian Classical of both varieties. I must however confess to a bias towards the Hindustani version simply because of greater exposure to it having mostly lived in the Northern parts of the country.

Quite why this genre of music should be my favourite can only be answered by saying that it is a matter of taste. Something that is indescribable but something that I can only experience with satisfaction.

From childhood, my siblings and I were exposed to music of all kinds and my late mother was an accomplished singer who had sung for the Indian Radio and also the Mauritian Radio. My late father could carry a tune too and during long drives and at home in our childhood, we would listen to these two singing solos or duets and we picked up some nuances of music from those experiences.

My own initial preference was for Tamil Film music which those days was just beginning to become the fusion kind combining elements of Carnatic / Hindustani ragas and blending those with the use of Western instruments. I slowly graduated to Western pop and rock n roll moving to Jazz eventually. I still like to hear all kinds of music and my memory keeps coming up with songs from the past as my readers well know. I have not however written much about my passion for Indian classical music as my readership here is not quite one that will relate to it.

Everywhere I go now I hear Hindi film music from the FM Radio and quite a few of those are from films that I have seen. Some of them are very catchy and I enjoy listening to those too.

Considering all that I have said above, I think that I should say that my taste in music is eclectic but the favourite will be Hindustani Classical.

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Are Newspapers Of Any Value InThe Digital Age?

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That is how I always start or finish my LBC posts and this time around, I am posting after due date. I was away from base on a very pleasant Pongal vacation touching base with my family in Chennai and introducing my daughter in law to them too. I simply did not have the time to post from there using a digital device that I did carry with me and with which I could have written the post. I offer my apologies to my fellow LBC bloggers and my regular readers a couple of who wrote separately to ask if I am alright! Thank you. I am in great shape and fully recovered from excess family hospitality.

To answer this question, I must share some of my life style with my readers. I live a retired person’s life and have created a comfort zone in my home with comfortable sitting and sleeping places with all accessories near at hand. It makes me quite lazy and reluctant to get up and be active unless it is for something that I am habituated to. Among the daily routines that I follow is the reading of four news papers, two of general news and two of business and economics. After I finish reading them, I solve all the crossword puzzles in them and get up for coffee around mid forenoon only after I finish that routine.

I have tried to solve crossword puzzles online and did not like the experience. Doing it using a newspaper is far more satisfying. I do read news online but there too I find the experience less satisfying than reading hard copies.

So, for me personally news papers offer much more value than digital devices. In India, the newspaper business is a growth business with many regional and local newspapers appearing and flourishing regularly. This happens side by side by with TV news channels and it is expected that FM radio will also soon debut with news channels.

In India I think that the newspaper business does have value and prospects at least for the next decade or so.