I can talk about Northcote Parkinson and his book Inlaws and Outlaws but would rather not,  though I did have it in mind when I suggested this topic.

Here is a quote from the book and you will understand as to why I have decided not to. “Expansion means complexity and complexity, decay; or to put it even more plainly—the more complex, the sooner dead.”

I however want to introduce two remarkable outlaws who have impressed me in my life. The first one when I was a wee lad and the second one, when I was very much grown up and capable of admiring for reasons that will become obvious from reading about the outlaw in the link that I will provide.

I learnt about the world ‘outlaw’ from reading about Robin Hood in my boyhood and he was the hero for many of my friends as well. All of us wanted to grow up and be like him and constantly looked for people who could be like Friar Tuck. Alas, I never did find one and I doubt very much that any of my boyhood friends did either. None of us grew up to be Robin Hood, and thank God for that too. I learnt during one of my visits to my home town when I was much older,  that one classmate of mine did become an outlaw and went to jail. I don’t know what happened to him after that,

The second outlaw who impressed me was a real life flesh and blood one and a woman to boot. Phoolan Devi is no more but is a legend alright.  I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.  You can read all about her here and you will know why she impressed me.

The difference between in laws and outlaws – outlaws are wanted.

This topic for the weekly LBC posts was suggested by me.  Please visit him and Pravin who are also likely to write on the same topic.