Telephony In India.

My son Ranjan wrote this on his FaceBook wall.

“Had a great conversation with my building watchman last night. He wanted to know why he couldn’t open a Facebook account using a phone number. Told him he needed an email id. What’s that – he asked. Explained the funda. Asked him why he wanted a FB account if he didn’t spend time on a computer. Saab, timepass karega!
~Brilliant on so many counts!”

Explanations: Funda is short for fundamentals. Timepass should be obvious – passing time, and karega is will do.

Look at all that it implies.

He can’t speak, read or write one word of English. He however has heard about FaceBook and that it can be accessed from his mobile. Naturally, FB offers its services in all Indian languages and so, he should have a whale of a time chatting with and exchanging views with many of his friends, using a mobile hand set.

Modern communication tools is bringing a lot of changes in the country, particularly in the rural areas and this is one more example of what it can do. Here is an interesting article in the WSJ.