The saga of Indian armed forces.

As my readers already know, I am a great admirer of our armed forces. I have a lot of friends, currently serving as well as retired. I have also lost two very dear friends in action. I ache for them when our system gives them the short end of the stick and have tried to use this blog to convey some of their angst.

India unfortunately, is surrounded on three sides by hostile elements. It is not my intention to go into the merits of who is responsible for the situation, but the fact of the matter is that this is ‘ground-realities’ as they exist today.

In two cases, the next few years may well see failed states being run by either the Taliban or some equivalents. If that were to happen, and I hope that it does not, India will be subject to many problems about which also, I should not be troubling you with. The point however is that our armed forces need to be in good spirit, up to strength to meet whatever comes our way and protect our country from the kind of problems that say Afghanistan, currently faces. This anxiety is what drives me to use my blog to advocate proper treatment of, and respect for of our armed forces. Our politician/bureaucracy machinery suffers from blinkered vision and the only way their eyes can be opened is by many people using their power of expression and whatever media possible, to convey this anxiety that many of us feel.

I bring two very interesting articles to the notice of all those who read this blog.

One is by a 19 year old young lady who is the daughter of a Colonel (Retd) of the Indian Army. Her name is Vaishnavi Prasad and her blog is a very interesting one. I simpy wish that I could write as well as this young lady has written.

The other is an article that was published this morning in a national newspaper. It is by General (Retd) V P Malik who retired as Chief of the Indian Army Staff.

I rest my case.