There are times that I find it difficult to understand some men’s attitude towards women. I find what is called eve teasing in India, alcoholic husbands ill treating wives, domestic violence etc quite common besides incidents like throwing acid attacks when spurned, taxi drivers taking single women passengers to isolated places to rape, gangs of wealthy students kidnapping girl students for the same purpose on the increase. I find all these abhorrent and simply cannot understand how men can be like that.

Sociology pundits wax eloquent on the motivation for such behaviour as societal change and the emancipation of women causing feelings of inferiority in men to cover up which such acts are indulged in. At least this is what is said about Indian men who are indeed grappling with these problems with increasing urbanisation and increased opportunities for Indian women to get education and employment.

Many writers, better informed than I have written on this subject in just about all possible publications and I do not want to elaborate further. I however found another very intriguing development which amazed me and educated me about a world that I did not know anything about. This is the video that did that and I hope that it will enlighten you as much as it did me.