Planning And Planting.

I suppose that Lin wanted us to write about a process of planning to plant a garden or an orchard something like that. Otherwise, these two words though sounding similar when spoken aloud, as a team do not offer a combined opportunity for comment.

Since I have never planned a garden or an orchard in my life, let me take the two words separately and write what I can about them.

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

He should know!

During my corporate life, I have had my share of plans and planning and over a period of time, became quite adept at the process. While many others struggled with them, I had worked out a “system”, based a great deal on my instincts for the market, and it never failed me. What used to disappoint me and many others who had spent days on such exercises, was that if anything came out of such plans, we did not know the logic behind them! For instance, at the lowest level the plans would indicate low volumes and at it each stage of upward consolidation, the volumes would be increased and by the time the targets came back they would usually be some things quite different. I used to quote Ike whenever I was asked by disappointed managers as to what happened to those plans!

So much for plans. Let us talk about planting.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
~ Warren Buffett

He should know!

Twenty five years ago, when we purchased our home, the road leading to it and around it was desolate. My late wife planted all the trees on both sides of the avenue that you see here now. In fact, about ten years ago, the local Residents Association decided to call it North Avenue instead of some road or the other, though the ubiquitous politician has given it some name ending in a road that no one knows about.

Yes, Urmeela planted those little plants, put fencing around them to protect them and watered them during the first few years till they took root and stabilised. She planned for them to take root and spent time and energy on them. And despite pruning by the local utilities to prevent over head cable snapping, they have flourished. She was the “someone” long ago for at least these trees.
North Avenue

ranjan avenue

She also planned and planted a garden in the small plot that is attached to our home and now it is being revived and redesigned by my daughter in law Manjiree. I cannot do much there as I simply do not get the necessary interest in gardening up though I enjoy sitting in the veranda and enjoying the birds and butterflies that come in there.

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Better Late Than Never.

My brother Arvind rang me up early yesterday morning with an unusual request. He wanted me to take some photographs of something that he had noticed during his stay with me last year and send them to him to copy the idea.

Some background information. Arvind and his wife Shanta had come to take care of my home and me during my surgery and recovery during September/October 2011. They had moved into my then bedroom which is upstairs with a balcony overlooking my neighbour Abbas’s garden. Arvind had obviously seen the garden and this is what impressed him most.

2013-01-20 16.44.14

2013-01-20 16.44.24

2013-01-20 16.44.43

Just the garden hose wound around a wall mounted car wheel. A neat way to stow away the garden hose which otherwise is left in coil form in some corner of most gardens, including mine.

My own epiphany was yesterday evening after I had taken the photographs and Abbas and I were on our evening walk. Abbas asked what I was photographing in his garden and I explained. At that moment, it struck me that I could do the same in my garden too to bring about a little order there. I have seen the arrangement in Abbas’s garden any number of times and it had never occurred to me make a similar arrangement in my garden too and I could have done this twenty odd years ago! After the gardener had watered the plants and gone away, this is how the hose pipe was left in one corner of my garden.
2013-01-21 09.14.18

Not acceptable at all. Arvind and Abbas Zindabad. For those who do not understand, that is Viva Arvind and Abbas.

What’s In A Name?

A great deal it would appear!

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
~ Shakespeare

It has just been brought to my attention that I am a rose – and you can pick the colour of the rose to suit your taste. I am sure that my American readers would prefer the red so that I can be the Red Indian!

The one on top is called “Rose, Red Ramana.” Or, Rosa rugosa Rubra;

And the one at the bottom is called “Rose, White Ramana.” Or Rosa rugosa Alba.

If you do not believe me, just go to this catalogue.

Magpie an avid gardener, came across this and decided to share this priceless information with me and some other friends. Thank you Magpie.

Another friend, our irrepressible Grannymar, promptly commented: “Ha Ha!  Describes Ramana to a tee!”

What do you think?

Our Garden In The Monsoon.

I have been intending to post some pictures of our small garden and when the rain had stopped for a while yesterday and it was just drizzling a little, I ventured to take some photographs and here are the results.

This one is taken from the verandah where we sit and have our tea. We had put in grills to ensure a bit of safety as the garden opens out on to a main avenue. When we had first moved in to the house, the whole place was vacant and we were at one end of an unpaved road. Having put in the grills, we found that we liked the effect and they have stayed on.

In the good old days, the barbecue grill would be set up in the garden and that is why we had the ground paved with stones rather than a lawn. You can see some fallen jasmine flowers on the stones. The scent is simply awesome. You can also see an opening at the far corner for the gardener to access the garden without coming in to the house.

This is taken from the corner away from the opening to show one corner of the garden nearest to the verandah. The plants are heavy with rain water. It is still drizzling!

We affectionately call it our mini jungle.

A Terrace Garden.

My friends Deepali and Sandeep live in a block of flats some half a kilometer away from where we live. They are on the fourth floor and are blessed with a terrace open to the sky accessible from their living room. The terrace is about 25 Square Meters in size and overlooks a few other blocks of flats.

What Deepali has done with the little space is amazing and here are some photographs.

Regular readers will remember that they had reminded me about the butterflies that come for their jasmine flowers. Here are a few photographs of their jasmine plants.

I wish that I could afford to hire Deepali as our gardener!