Memory Gap.

My brother Arvind and I had not spoken to each other for a couple of weeks and so I called him up to enquire how things were with him. While chatting about various things we came to discussing our sons and their careers.

Arvind’s son Deepak has recently relocated to Dubai to set up a branch for his employers. He is a much sought after professional in his field and while discussing his career Arvind mentioned that he could have done better had he taken up another offer that he had received earlier in his career.

He however commented that he was neither asked for nor offered any advice in the matter and pontified that neither he nor I would have either asked for or taken advice from our parents at that age. I also shared the information that my son Ranjan neither seeks nor takes my advice on his career and I don’t mind. I also said that the so called generation gap is nothing but a memory gap!

All the children in India and the two Rajgopaul boys in the UK have settled down to good careers and their parents are quite happy that they have all turned out as they have. There is no need for us to worry about them.

Anxieties of parents outrun actual experiences of children!

Generation Gap And Provocation.

My regular readers will be familiar with a frequent commentator Mitch whose blog is one of those that I regularly visit and comment on.

His weekly Sunday Question posts inevitably challege one to think and respond and the last one “What Happened To Modesty?” was no different.

A great debate among Mitch, Rose and Sire is going on there to which I too have contributed a few words. Please do visit Mitch’s post and perhaps join the debate.

And if you do visit Rose’s blog, do not miss a beaut from her called “A Bizarre Fragrance” It took me a while to recover my breath after reading that. I would be interested in your reaction too.