Excuses II.

I thank all commentators who left their ideas in my earlier post Excuses.

I think that Looney deserves a prize for his suggestion as to how I should fend for myself.

“Don’t you know how amazing the physics of a lamp are? How electricity takes the outer electrons of atoms into an excited state, and then they release incredible numbers of photons according to the quantum distribution of energy states? These photons then stream through the room without any apparent obstruction from the air, followed by all kinds of complex interactions with the various surfaces they encounter. It is my duty to daily shut off the world around me and ponder the awesome behavior of the lamp while basking in its light.”

If I had used that excuse, both my friend and I would have been thoroughly confused and would have decided to call it quits.

What I did come up with was this: “That is no ordinary lamp. I was told by the salesman that if I rub it, a genie will pop out of the bulb and be my slave.”

The response? “Yes, a blond genie will pop out and you will not know what to do with her.”

Anyway, the chat got over and I went off line. Subsequently, I found a mail from my friend with a link to this clip with which, I hope the matter rests.