Happiness And Longevity.

As my regular readers know, my GP is a very wise old style doctor under whose care I feel very safe. Among the many reasons that he is like that to me is one fact of his always being very cheerful. Even under serious health problems that he personally faced, he would always present a cheerful demeanour and since I know his family well also, I believe that he and his family are by and large, very happy people.

His bedside manner including such good cheer, just seeing him would improve a patient’s condition. One particular aspect of his diagnosis is always his probing questions about the state of his patient’s minds as vouched for by others that I have sent on to him for consultations. For me, however his standard opening statement would be “why are you here? You have no business being ill. You are a happy fellow.” or words to that effect.

So, when I got this link on happiness and longevity sent to me by a friend, I was quite amazed that this old school doctor who does not get much time to read such forwards, leave alone his daily newspapers, would be so strong in his belief about health, longevity and happiness.

I just filed away the information at the back of my mind and forgot all about it till I received another forward earlier today.  Please click on the image for a larger resolution.

Yes, long life and happiness are two different things altogether and I would rather have the latter than the former. In fact, if it included many of the problems that the older people face in their twilight years, I do not want the former at all.