My Son.

Inspiration for this post is this cartoon that depicts my situation vis a vis my son.
hamboneRanjan and self

Which brings me to this story which was told to me some decades ago by a crusty old Englishman.  A regular Colonel Blimp type if I ever saw one.

This dandy walks into the Gymkhana Club to find just one solitary old gentleman sitting at the lounge. After ensuring that there really no one else is around, he goes to the old man, introduces himself and sits across the center table from the old gentleman.

He then proceeds to take out a cigar case and offers it the old man who says, “No thanks son, tried it once, did not like it and have never took to smoking. The dandy requests permission to light up and suggests that the old man joins him for a gin and tonic to which the old man says, “No thank you son, tried it once and did not like it. Never drank alcohol since then. Don’t mind me, you go ahead.”

The dandy beckons the waiter, orders his drink and asks the old man if he would be interested in sharing some kebabs with him. The old man says, “No thank you son, tried it once and did not like it. Never had it since then. You go ahead.”

The dandy, orders for the kebabs too, and after the waiter goes away, asks the old man as to how long he has been a member of the club as he has not seen him there before. The old man says that he is not a member at all. On being asked as to what he was doing in the club then, he says that he is waiting for his son who is a member.

The dandy, clears his throat and gently asks the old man, “Your only child?”