The MBA.

My regular readers know that I am not a great fan of the current crop of MBAs, that is being churned out by assembly line fashion by purely commercial organizations for profit. Most of them end up as unemployable in India and start at Sales Representative or Call Center Service Representative, which they could have easily done without the MBA anyway.

I have no quarrel with the recognized leading institutions which churn out great graduates who find great jobs. I wish them all the luck.

Jean, before you tear me to pieces, please read till the end.

I would simply like all of them, whether in India, or in the West to read this new book that has been written by two graduating MBAs from the Mecca of Management education, Harvard. It has a nice title to say the least: “The MBA Oath: Setting a Higher Standard for Business Leaders.”

Not bad, there seems to be some conscience somewhere.


There seems to be some mysterious force working out there. I post about something and next day, something else pops up about the same subject. Here, my post has been up for about a couple of hours and I come across this article in the Economist!