Mystery Lady.

On the way back home from a haircut, one lady on a scooter waved to me and shouted Hi. I did not wave back as I did not recognise her and thought that she must have waved to someone else. I was about to enter the gate to our home when the same lady returned and stopped near me and asked me why I did not respond. I asked her in turn as to how I could without being able to identify who it was that waved to me.

masked lady

Amazingly, it was only then that she realised that her face was covered up completely and she apologised profusely, showed me her face and we had a bit of a chat before she pushed off.

No, she is not a Muslim wearing a hijab. Ladies here cover themselves up like that to avoid getting their skin and hair affected by air pollution and I suspect, some at least from the rays of our relentless sun.

The lady is reading this and I hope that in future she will not wave to people while looking like that.