Neerja, The Movie.


This Hindi movie was released in our theaters about a month ago but due to various unavoidable reasons, I was unable to see it despite great reviews and recommendations from my film going critical friends. Luckily, it is still running and when my friend Ramesh suggested we go, that is what I did with him earlier this evening, and I am glad that I did.

The central character for whom this movie is named was a real life person who gave her life up to save passengers from hijackers of a Pan Am airplane in Karachi in 1986. You can read all about the real life person here at Wikipedia.

The movie has stayed very close to the real life story but for obvious reasons has focussed mostly on the hijack. Technically superbly made and with excellent photography, direction and acting from all concerned, the movie is gripping and at the same time very disturbing. The latter because the helplessness of the innocent passengers, the cruelty and fanaticism of the hijackers and the tense situation have all been portrayed so tautly that one cannot but be disturbed.  It did not help that there were just eight viewers in the hall and the air conditioning was too cold for comfort!

Despite knowing the storyline in advance, the movie is a very watchable experience, particularly to see Sonam Kapoor in action in the lead role.I recommend it highly for those of my readers who have not seen it,

Frank Sinatra Immortalized.

Most of my readers know that I am a great fan of the late Frank Sinatra. My good friend and music aficionado Shackman thinks that I am nuts for being so, but I am sure that even he will enjoy this creation.

Please turn on the speakers and listen carefully to the lyrics. You can simultaneously read the lyrics that will be displayed on the left of the screen.