Chandru Wadhwani. RIP. II

In her comment on my post Chandru Wadhwani. RIP, Cheerful Monk said: “Is he the one walking with you in the picture you showed a while back? If so, please share it again. I thought it was sweet.”

I did mention in my first post that I used to hold his hand and walk in the park. I wrote about it here. And here is that photograph again.

I hope that Neelam is reading this. One hero has walked off into the sunset for good. The other has to carry on for a while more it would appear!

Male Bonding.

This is a subject that I have been wanting to write on for some time now and what has motivated me to do so now is the publishing of this photograph by a friend of mine on FaceBook.

And this photograph was accompanied by a statement “Holding each others hands and walking with your love makes the world perfect.” with a link to LGBT News.

As these things keep happening to me, which I call synchronicities, this morning, I came across another very interesting article in a blog post called Male Affection A Photo History Of Male Affection.

And just a week ago I had written a post on my idea of Olympics with a link to my post on Appearances, which included this photograph.

In India, it is quite normal for male friends to hold hands and walk around, just as female friends do too. I have however been noticing that both overseas visitors and local Indians exposed to, for lack of a better word, modern information, think that males holding hands and walking is indicative of homosexual tendencies, whereas it is mostly an Indian propensity to express affection to each other by walking hand in hand.

This whole situation has gone hay wire and now males, even in India, hesitate to hug each other or simply touch each other in the normal course of conversation and bonding lest they be mistaken for homosexuals. The old photographs and the write up about the bonding in the article on the photo history clearly show a significant change in attitudes towards a perfectly normal behaviour.

What is happening to us?