I was unable to see the movie when it was originally released in the theaters close to my home primarily because the timings were very inconvenient for me. I was however quite keen to see it having read good reviews in various newspapers and also from some people who had seen it.

I saw this ad on a few occasions in my favourite newspaper and kept wondering whether to go and see it in the two theatres advertised despite both being quite far from my residence and also the timings being rather inconvenient for me.

Having given up hopes of ever seeing CRD in a theatre, I tried to buy a DVD version without any success. I located the name of the producer/director online and sent hime an email requesting that he arrange to sell me a copy on DVD a couple of days ago and was awaiting his response when a new programme near where the film was showing, Aundh, led me to plan a trip to see the 3.00 pm show of this film and go for the other programmed from there afterwards.

The other problem was to locate the theatre as nobody knew where it was and I am no good at locating anything on the google map. I however got some friends in that part of the town to find out where the theatre was and eventually went there earlier this afternoon.

The home theatre is in the residence of the producer / director and I was fortunate enough to meet his and his very hospitable mother besides being escorted to the show itself in style. I was also able to find out what CRD stood for, the name of the hero of the film, Chetan R Deshmukh!  I was also able to inform the producer/director that he should ignore my email!

I believe that the film is worth all the trouble that I had to take to see which included climbing almost three staircases. The experience was everything that the reviews had talked about and I enjoyed it. A very unusual story but very well brought out for the screen.

If you can possibly get to see it, please do so.