The Supernatural.

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I have only one personal experience of the supernatural. It was way back in 1961 when I moved into a room above a garage in a suburb of Hyderabad on a monthly rent which was much lower than what I was paying as a guest in a rooming house close by. The first night was a bit scary as there was something moving with a rustle on and off outside the only window in the room. My imagination worked overtime and I could not sleep a wink till it was day light and I found that there was a coconut tree outside, a branch of which was swaying in the wind and rubbing against the window.

My readers should be able to imagine the kind of supernatural visions that I imagined up during the night.

With that out of the way, let me confess that I don’t have any belief in the supernatural. Never did and will not have in the foreseeable future.

I however like to play with words and can come up with Super Natural phenomenon like the following two stories. If nothing else, they should at least amuse my readers.

The first story is about being Super Natural in modern Britain. The weather there is friendly for such experiments.

The next story is a great distance away from Britain and with contrary seasons.

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