Memory Trigger 18. Lullabies.

Cheerful Monk has this funny cartoon up in her post. Please click on the image for a larger resolution.

This cartoon reminded me of two ancient stories which are family lore.

When our son Ranjan was an infant we would leave with him with his grand parents and go out for dinner or whatever. On return we would often find that his grand father would have laid him on his chest and while the former would  be fast asleep, Ranjan would be wide awake and smiling at us. We would then gather that his grandfather would have sung Baba Baba black sheep while patting him on the back to put Ranjan to sleep, but would fall asleep himself before Ranjan would.

My late wife would sing a Hyderabadi lori  (lullaby) in Hindi to try and put him to sleep.

सोजा राजा सोजा, लाल पलंग पे सोजा,
ऊपर पुनका चलता है नीचे बाबा सोता है.

The translated English version going like this:

Go to sleep Raja, go to sleep, On the red bed, go to sleep
The fan is running above, Baba is sleeping below.

After a few moments of this, the second line would become,

ऊपर बाबा सोता है, नीचे पंका चलता है,

Baba is sleeping above, The fan is running below.

And like at the grandparents’ place, the Baba would be wide awake and the mother would drop off to sleep.