The Birds From Bengaluru.

Most of you may not know that I took a week end trip to Bengaluru and used the opportunity to meet up with two blogger friends.

I had of course met Anu when I had visited Bengaluru in January, but could not meet Ashok as he was away at Chennai at that time. This time around, I met the new look Anu with her hair bobbed and when I saw her walking towards me, for a moment I thought that it was a film star of similar looks. You can see the change from the older photos in my earlier post of 1st February, 2010

This time around Ashok was very much in Bengaluru and I had the pleasure of meeting these two youngsters who do so much to liven up some of our blogs and also write some very interesting posts in their own blogs as well,

Here are two photographs of the two of them way up on the seventh floor coffee shop of a spanking brand new hotel. The photos are not of great clarity as they were taken with my mobile phone. I bet however that my readers get the picture of these two intrepid bloggers.

Having taken snaps of the two of them together, I thought that I should also take individual ones so that at any opportunity, I can use them in my blogs and here they are.

I was zapped.  Ashok was everything that I had expected him to be, and came across as a young man with a mature head on his shoulder.  If he was intimated by my size and voice, the advocate in him did not let it come through. I am impressed with these two people.  They showed me how idealism can be tempered with a dose of modern reality.  I wish both of them well as I am sure all of you will too.