Passing Out.

In a recent exchange of messages in our Senior Citizens group, two long lost classmates from our National Defence Academy tried to place each other by asking when each had passed out. They obviously meant this kind of passing out where the ritual of throwing a cadet is normal. This is from one of our Officers’ Training Academies.

It is also quite common to ask fellow alumni in our Business School Alumni meeting to ask each other as to when one passed out.

If I am around and I get a word in, I inevitably ask “how and when did you revive?”

For me, this is what is meant by passing out:
My mind keeps asking why people cannot use the word graduating instead of passing out. I think that it is more appropriate. What do you, my dear reader, think?

Trust / Mistrust / Deficit Of Trust.


As part of my alma mater’s silver jubilee celebrations, alumni in Pune met some time ago, using the occasion of a visit to Pune by an alumnus of our very first batch, to felicitate him and another alumnus of the same batch now resident in Pune. During that meeting some alumni shared their experiences as flash-back to highlight the changes at the institute between the first batch and the latest in ten year gaps. One such alumnus made a particular mention of something that he found novel in the hostel dormitory where there was a pantry where residents would draw stock and make entries in a register and effect payment once a month. For him this was a novel experience and he was overwhelmed by the Trust factor involved.

Another alumnus who was present dug up an old article written by a media personality in a newspaper some years ago and shared it with us. I went looking for it in the web but instead of that, found another very interesting article by the same personality which is on the deficit of trust!

The only formula that I have on relationships is that I trust the other person till I am proved otherwise and after that, the relationship simply ceases to exist. This has saved me from all kinds of problems. Using my formula I have lived my life on a trusting relationship basis and have not suffered any major setbacks because of that. I therefore find the article a little unsettling for the truth contained in it.

How do you react to the article?