Will This Son Also Rise?

the Delhi High Court has declared the result of the DNA test conducted at the Hyderabad-based laboratory. The court said as per the report, “Tiwari is reported to be the biological father of Rohit Shekhar and Ujjwala Sharma.” The link given will give my readers sufficient background about the story.

India’s politics is firmly dynastic in many respects. Please read both the pages of the article given in the link to understand the situation. The report is not exhaustive but indicative of the situation. A more interesting take on the subject of who is illegitimate is given here! Other reports say that the son claimed that he is not the illegitimate son, but NDT is the illegitimate father!

If you want some fun out of the old man’s discomfiture, you will do no better than to read my older post.
The interesting aspect of the N D Tiwari decision is the Indian National Congress Party distancing itself from the old veteran Congressman.

Padmum rightly asks if the distancing is indicative of the party’s reluctance to have another son rising within the Congress landscape!