My Life Saver!

I could not have my daily dose of afternoon tea today because the help was on leave of absence and my son and daughter in love were out attending some meetings. I was lost.

I took a chance and rang up my next door neighbour, a restaurant, and asked whether they would revive me by sending across a couple of glasses of their tea and lo and behold I was obliged in double quick time.

I was most impressed. The tea along with disposable cups came in a Food Grade Natural Poly Standup Pouch;

I am sure that the name on the pouch must ring bells in many minds as I have written before about Irani Cafe close to my home. They were about 120 Mts away from us when I wrote that post but, they have now shifted next door to us with just a wall and a drive way separating us.

The same Mokhtar who featured in my previous post answered my call earlier today and rushed the tea to me.  You can see him above sitting next to the Samovar which too featured in my previous post.

The same tea that I have featured in my earlier post but, double dose this time.

The four young men who are the  partners who run the Irani Cafe.

I can’t wait to go there physically to enjoy their hospitality again. My son and daughter in love have already done that and I envy them.

Thank you Mokhtar.