Memory Trigger. 2

I asked for some pickle to go with my lunch today and voila, something that I had forgotten all about turned up on the table, courtesy Mangal, our help.

A few weeks ago I had lunch and spent an afternoon with a couple of young friends who live about 15 kms away from where I live. It was a great lunch and while leaving them, the hostess, GP presented me with three bottles of various preserves, one of which contained a pickle that she said was made by her during the season.


That was the pickle that appeared on my table today. Pickled jackfruit. I had never had it before except for the one time immediately after bringing it home from GP. It was delicious and I think that I over ate it! May be, I will pay a price later in the day.

That pickle however triggered memories of GP and her husband. I shall write about the latter after he concludes something that he is deeply involved in just now, but the former is a formidable personality.

She is an Engineer, MBA from the top most Business School in India, a Scholarship student at Carnegie Mellon University, USA; ¬†once a successful professional manager, now an entrepreneur, mother of two delightful children and very actively involved in Pune’s classical music and dance world.

And now I discovered that she is also a great pickle maker! I had of course known that she is a great cook as I have eaten her fare on more than just one occasion, but taking the pains to make this pickle is something that I would not have normally expected from her.

What a lady! I am privileged to know her.