Silent Screams – A Book Review.

Silent Screams

This is the first time ever that I bought and read a book of poems. I have always been a prose person reading both fiction and non-fiction and since the last few years more of the latter. I need to thank a friend Malathi, for putting me in touch with this genre. Having exposed myself to it I hope to read more of poetry.

The writer of this clearly delineated, two part anthology of poems aptly named Silent Screams, is a University Professor of English literature and this collection of her poems have been written over many years. The poems are all women-centric.

The poet captures moments as experienced by others but, observed by her and coats them with a veil of fiction. The women break rules and are quite daring. I have serious doubts that the author in real life is like that and therefore conclude that it is not autobiographical.  The poet skillfully takes the reader under the skin of the protagonists.  I suppose that poetry is meant to do that!

The women are shown fighting back against injustice so often heaped upon them. They do not indulge in self-pity. The subject of marital sex is handled with extraordinary sensitivity showing that sex within a marriage with no love involved is not acceptable. There also lonely souls in search of love for love’s sake who feel exhilarated on finding a little love even from strangers.

A couple of eerie dreamlike poems complete the first part.

Part II is a story told in verse form of a personality going back to previous births. The poet informs us that she was inspired to write this while in a trance after she had attended a regression session.

All in all, a book worth buying and savouring over many readings.