Source Of Enduring Happiness.

For 41 years, this human being has been one of my sources of enduring happiness. For 38 years he was for Urmeela too.

This was when he was just over a year old;

This is Ranjan about who I write often. Some readers have not seen a photograph of his and since, our delightful friend Ashish took a couple of fantastic photographs of ours together last week, I wish to share them with my readers.

Conrad and Grannymar, I hope that the two of you notice that I wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The two black lines going over my shoulders hide a tote bag that is on my back.

I was shot.

I had gone to my doctor’s clinic to get a prescription updated for my father. There was a patient inside the doctor’s consulting chambers and there was a father/son pair waiting in the waiting lounge. I had to wait my turn and so sat directly opposite to the father. There was about eight feet separating us.

The man was huge. Would have been around 5’8″ and around 150 Kgs. He was impeccably clad in a checked shirt, jeans and pump shoes with tassels.

When the patient inside came out, the father got up and turned towards his son who was dozing. I heard a noise like ‘phut’ and felt something smash into the middle of my spectacles, right in the middle and on top of the bridge.

It was not very painful, but I was stunned.

In the meanwhile, the father started to do something odd. He was trying to grab his jeans around the waist while shaking his son’s shoulder to wake him up. He looked at me and grinned sheepishly and it struck me that perhaps his jeans had come undone.

Yes, it was the metal button from his jeans that had shot out when he got up and hit my spectacles. I found it lying close to my feet. I picked it up and gave it to him and said “Thank God, it was not a bullet”. He dragged his son and scooted inside to the chambers. When he came out he avoided eye contact.

Good that I was wearing my heavy plastic frame spectacles. If the trajectory had been a centimeter on either side, a lens would have certainly cracked and perhaps a splinter would have gone into my eye.