My Extended Weekend.


My weekend actually started on last Friday morning after I had posted my LBC post on Grey Hair. I decided that no matter what, I will see two DVDs that had been bought quite some time ago and finish reading one books that too had been on the list of books to be read for quite some time.

I am pleased to advise my readers that I accomplished all three goals by just sacrificing time spent on facebook. I managed to keep all the other activities going without interruption.

The book that I read was Age Of Anxiety – Coming Of Age In Post Colonial India by Indranil Banerjie. I was directed to read this book because it resonates so much with people of my generation who had some exposure to the immediate post colonial India particularly to some of the problems that the author writes about in this remarkable book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have recommended it to some others of my generation who too will enjoy reading it for its vivid description of Calcutta and parts of India of those days as well as some life-styles of mofussil life in Indianised British company colonies.


Shackman had mentioned how much he enjoyed watching Noomi Rapace in The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest and having read the book but not having seen the film, I sent for a DVD and saw it on Saturday.

A very clear case of the movie not coming up to the level of the book. Perhaps, if I had not read the book, I would have been more generous but, the film does little justice to the story. I was quite disappointed. I hope that the sequel, if ever it is made, of The Girl In The Spider’s Web, gets better treatment.


Yesterday I saw¬†another DVD,¬†Parker primarily because it was recommended to me by a friend who mentioned that Jennifer Lopez was outstanding in it. I expected her to balance Jason Statham’s usual stony performance with some good histrionics but was disappointed with both of their performances. The story itself is so unbelievable that I doubt that anyone else could have done a better job.

This week promises to be more sedate with more of reading and just one film to see. You will hear more about it during the week. In the meanwhile, I hope that you have a great week too.