It is widely accepted in India that fasting is good for one’s physical and spiritual health. Medical research has also found a great deal of evidence to support this view.

Hindus normally fast one day every week besides keeping fasts on various other religiously significant days. That Muslim fast during the month of Ramzan is too well known for any special mention.

Christians and Jews too are expected to fast as the link for Ramzan shows and as Roman Catholics in India do during Lent every year. Non RC Christians may be keeping too, but I do not know of any.

I have never voluntarily kept a fast. I do not know whether I will be able to.

Having read this interesting article however, I am contemplating keeping fast for one day a week to see what happens. I shall consult some experienced fast keepers and decide during the course of this coming week.

Writing this post reminded me of another post that I had written some months ago and I went back to it. I am now quite determined to try the experiment.