My long felt yearning to see a full length movie of Jackie Chan got satisfied earlier this evening. I have however failed in connecting the title to the contents of the film. If someone who has seen the movie or will see it after reading my post can help me understand it, I shall be grateful.

Skiptrace is an action comedy movie as all Jackie Chan movies are expected to be. So, the fight scenes are comic more than violent. Jackie Chan’s acrobatic fighting is entertaining to see and as more or less a propman, Johnny Knoxville contributes quite a bit to the comic effect, there is more entertainment than excitement. The viewer’s blood pressure remains under control throughout despite the action scenes. The unexpected ending comes as a very pleasant surprise.

Surprisingly enough, both Chan and Knoxville come up with some very good acting in a few scenes which helps to sit through the impossible situations that the two land up in. The other actors all have more or less cameo roles and there is little to talk about their skills. Other elements like camera work, direction and editing all come up to scratch, particularly the editing after one sees through the end when the actual pre-edited scenes are shown.

I would give it a four star rating out of a possible five and would recommend it to my readers who like to see what Shackman calls popcorn movies.