Social Activists.

My readers will remember the day light murder of the journalist Jyotirmoy Dey about which I had written in my post The Endangered Species.

My friend Narasimha has this poignant observation to make in his group mail to all his classmates.

“This is just to share my thoughts regarding the role of Social activists of the type of Mallika Sarabhai/Teesta Setalwad. These are the first to condemn “encounters”. I wonder what they feel about justice to the victims of lawlessness, like my daughter. Not one of them has said a word,not even lip sympathy!”

To that elite list, I would also like to add another name Arundhati Roy.

I would like to share my angst with Narasimha with the following observation.

They are stars. And they do what stars do best when they feel the spotlight drifting away from them. they will try to snatch it back by any means necessary. Except when they know that they can be targets of revenge seeking gangsters.