The Association Of Small Bombs.


This is a rather unusual title of a novel that I have just finished reading. It takes one Hindu family, one Muslim family, and other characters including some terrorists and puts them all together to come up with a remarkable story of India and terrorism.

The title makes sense towards the end of the book.

The author Karan Mahajan is new to me. I read a review of the book in one the newspapers that I read every day and decided to buy the book. I am glad that I did.

Having lived in Delhi and also having close friends who have lost children in terror bombing, I was able to relate to the Hindu family. The Muslim characters come alive too because I have met people like that in many parts of India.

What is interesting about the book is the way that the author goes behind scenes and describes character traits and weaknesses of the characters in the narration.

It is a book that I will return to read after some time to savour the characterisation.