Collateral Beauty.

I confess that I can not stay away from a movie with Will Smith in it. Throw in Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren and wild horses won’t be able to keep me away from one if it came my way.

I ventured to see this film despite poor reviews because of the liking for the above three actors and I am glad that I did not heed the critics. And I discovered another remarkable actor in Naomi Harris.

The story revolves around, love, death, handling loss, family and friendship. A difficult story that can be called a tear jerker in many ways, but one presented in a profoundly touching way in this film. Superb direction and acting by every single one of the cast, made it a very touching experience for me to watch. Even my friend Ramesh who is tougher than I am and more cynical than I am about human beings, was touched and I was quite surprised.

The final twist to the story is another very attractive feature of the film and a very nice touch.

My advise to my readers is not to heed what the critics have said and see it.   If human frailty, resilience and demonstration of handling adversity presented very professionally appeals to you, this is a movie not to be missed.