Is overrated or is it really useful?

Amazon in India launched online marketing in February 2012 with a portal called (Junglee in Hindi means ‘wild’ or ‘ill mannered’). From the very first month of its operations in India, I have been a regular customer of theirs. They became in June 2013 and if anything, my purchases from them increased. On an average, I make three to four purchases from Amzon every month, now a days, mostly books for my kindle application. I also buy gifts to be sent to others on at least a couple of occasions every month.

I have also used and on a few occasions to import or deliver something overseas to friends.

I tried their competitor Flipkart on a couple of occasions but was disgusted with their after sales customer service and stopped dealing with them totally.

I have also used eBay on occasion with satisfaction but by and large depend on Amazon.

There are a number of other online marketeers that I use for dry fruits, specialised books, grocery, vegetables and fruit besides a number of home delivery of food portals.

To sum up, I am more or less an exclusive online-shopper from home and have found the experience satisfying and convenient. I am particularly fond of Amazon and so, the answer to the question asked by my fellow Friday blogger Shackman for this post, is a resounding no, they are not overrated but are really very useful for comfort zone denizens like me. Please do go over to his blog to see what he has to say about his experience with

Disclaimer. I have a grand nephew working with Amazon India in Pune. That rascal never visits me or calls me with the excuse that Amazon keeps him too busy. I am glad that Amazon keeps him so busy that he is forced to stay out of trouble, particularly the kind that his grand uncle that he calls Daadu can get him into.


I am just now reading two books one of which is Nazi Hunter by Alan Levy. I am unable to remember now how I came to buy it, but it was the oldest of the kindle books that I had not read for a long time,  and I started to read it about a week ago.

In  the book, I am at the story of Dr.Joseph Mengele who has so far escaped the hunt by Wiesenthal, but it has already indicated that the former died by drowning. I am yet to read the rest of the story.

In the meanwhile, today, my attention was drawn to another story as to what has happened to the remains of the infamous doctor.

“The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones.”
~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

The Girl In The Spider’s Web.


My favourite heroine Lisbeth Salander is back and with a vengeance as should only be expected.

Caveat, the book is written by David Lagercrantz and so does not quite come up to the standards set by Stieg Larsson, but it is very readable indeed.

The story is full of computerese and other jargon. Those portions therefore are difficult to understand for someone like me. But because of that perhaps, the story is very believable, particularly now with so much one reads about invasion of privacy by the big brothers everywhere.

The narrative is fast paced and taut. All the characters come alive on the pages. I read it in my kindle and regretted that I had not bought the hard copy. In the latter, I could have easily gone back and forth to recollect the hard to remember names and characters.

And as should be expected, all the bad guys get their just rewards bar the main antagonist who escapes to live and bring us another sequel. I hope that Lisbeth Salander Mark V makes for better reading with less jargon.

For my readers who have read the earlier three books, this is a must. WWW, there, I have just given my verdict.

Books, Books And Books.

My readers know how I collect, read and re-read books of all sorts. I have blogged about it some time ago under the title “Books”.

Part of the problem of such a pastime is the storage of books. In the blog post that I have referred to above, the library is groaning, and now it simply has no more space to store any more books. I have started two more shelves in my bedroom for them.

Knowing my problem, two people have come up with two different ideas for me to solve my problem. The first one comes from a very dear friend with a great sense of humour and that is this:

The second solution is a gift from my nephew Jai, who is IT savvy and very practical when it comes to handling his uncle and his quirks. He gave this:

I am in already in love with the latter. As soon as I am able to locate a carpenter who will not charge me the moon, I will arrange to get a sofa like the one pictured above to replace one of the arm chairs in my drawing room. And that will be heart breaking.