The Family Dog.

Marianna in her blog has a great story about her pet.

Her post brought back a lot of memories of my teen age days when we too had acquired a Doberman dog from an uncaring owner. The breed was new to India and we had to acquire some books about the breed to learn about it. We depended on a writer from Ceylon, and we were a bit concerned about the breed as it was portrayed to be a vicious attack dog.

Contrary to all those misgivings, Kaiser as he was called turned out to be an amazing family dog almost human in his behaviour and valour. He was very intelligent and was easily able to pick up training and won obedience awards besides best dog awards in the kennel club shows.

Our grand mother, a very orthodox lady who would not touch any animal other than a cow, made an exception and would break her orthodoxy every time that Kaiser had a bath. She would anoint him with a chandan and kumkum mark (sandalwood paste and vermilion powder) on his forehead and he would look like a brahmin!

We had many other dogs before and since, but Kaiser will always have a special place in all our hearts. Here is a photograph of those black and white film days. That is my father in a dhoti standing on the road bridge over the Kollidam river with the railway bridge in the background.