“We are only as sick as our secrets.”
~ AA slogan.

I am coming to this post rather late because after the first encounter I went away to a farm house about 120 kms away for an overnight stay with a friend where the second encounter took place.  On my return, the first priority was the Friday LBC post.  Arising out of the first meeting, I went to see a movie yesterday with a friend who too has now become part of this story,  and so it is only now that I am able to put words to my thoughts arising out of those three encounters that revolved essentially around secrets that only intense friendships can unlock.

This kind of three encounters in rapid succession has never happened to me before and I am still to recover from the ups and downs of those incredible exchanges.The first encounter was with a young couple with two lively children earlier in the week.  I had been invited to their place for lunch and I reached there at 12.00 noon as requested and stayed on till 4.30 pm after which both of them drove me back home which took another 45 minutes.  Other than a few minutes spent talking with the children the rest of the time was spent by the three adults getting to know each other better and sharing our stories.  In the process many secrets came out to be examined and anlaysed with amazing results.  It also resulted in the lady of the house gifting me with two remarkable books and I in turn gifting the man of the house with one to be shortly followed by another.

The second one was with my young friend who has featured in one of my stories.  I had joined him on a trip to his farm house and we spent most of our time there talking about his divorce, his visits to his children and grand children to make peace with them and his winding down his business.  Despite my long association with him, he came up with some startling secrets that I had not known before, as a process of cleansing himself of some burden that he had been carrying for long.  When I shared some of my experiences with similar happenings in my youth, he in turn was stunned and it was as though he was meeting a completely different man for the first time for him and that such experiences can be had by others too.

The third was going yesterday to see Finding Happiness a movie that was recommended to me by the first couple on this story.  I had gone with my friend Ramesh who is very interested in such matters and who had personally interacted with Kriyananda.  After the show, we ended up for some delicious sandwiches and coffee at a favourite cafe where we discussed the film, and matters of spirituality as well as some observations on relationships which led to sharing some secrets that we had kept from each other.  We parted ways after the coffee and late in the evening Ramesh landed up with a gift wrapped parcel for me, said “Thank you” and disappeared without entering the house.  On opening the parcel, this stand is what I found inside.  You can click on the image to get a larger view.


On all three occasions the exchanges  were intellectual, emotional and spiritual,  in that order, creating a combination of friendship and love. All the participants involved confronted  ghosts from their past, face to face  while supplementing and sharing each other’s understanding.  After the face to face meetings and also strangely enough,  discussions during  two long drives the topics have been discussed again on telephone and the discussions are ongoing in two cases as I write this. As I review this post I feel a strange feeling of lightness and overwhelming warmth towards the three other people involved in the experience.

I am grateful for the presence in my life of all the four individuals. Thank you GP, KS, SG and RFT.  I hope that you feel the same way as I do.