Road Hogs.

If you want to see real road hogs in action, you have to come to India. Motorists will drive between two lanes, will drive slowly on the fast lane and fast on the slow lane and heavy vehicles will insist on driving on the fast overtaking lane forcing other faster moving vehicles to overtake from the wrong lane.

Road accidents have earned India a dubious distinction. With over 130,000 deaths annually, the country has overtaken China and now has the worst road traffic accident rate worldwide. And most of these accidents happen because our drivers either are ignorant about rules or simply ignore them. Right on top of such ignoramuses will be road hogs who also ensure that the new phenomenon of road rage keeps increasing.

Road hogs are my bete noires and my son Ranjan keeps advising me to hire professional drivers when I take the car out rather than drive myself because he fears that I will go into road rage and get into trouble. So, one of my pleasures, going on long drives is now something to look forward to but not indulge in.

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