The Girl In The Spider’s Web.


My favourite heroine Lisbeth Salander is back and with a vengeance as should only be expected.

Caveat, the book is written by David Lagercrantz and so does not quite come up to the standards set by Stieg Larsson, but it is very readable indeed.

The story is full of computerese and other jargon. Those portions therefore are difficult to understand for someone like me. But because of that perhaps, the story is very believable, particularly now with so much one reads about invasion of privacy by the big brothers everywhere.

The narrative is fast paced and taut. All the characters come alive on the pages. I read it in my kindle and regretted that I had not bought the hard copy. In the latter, I could have easily gone back and forth to recollect the hard to remember names and characters.

And as should be expected, all the bad guys get their just rewards bar the main antagonist who escapes to live and bring us another sequel. I hope that Lisbeth Salander Mark V makes for better reading with less jargon.

For my readers who have read the earlier three books, this is a must. WWW, there, I have just given my verdict.