A friend  sent me some goodies earlier today using a local delivery service.

First, she rang me up to warn me to expect the parcel and then I got a text message from the delivery partner as he is called over here, advising me that he would be reaching me within 22 minutes. I wondered how he could have calculated that timing since he wouldn’t know the traffic conditions when he started but, let it pass.

Thirty five minutes later, I got a call from him asking me for directions. He was just 200 Mts away from my home and I gave him directions and landmarks to follow.

It took another fifteen minutes and three more telephone calls for that smart fellow to finally reach me.

When I asked him why there was confusion, he pointed his smartphone to me and said that the google location kept showing him wrong directions.  The same app had given me the driving time at the time of starting his journey!

Like me, don’t you wonder, why these applications are called smart when all that was needed for that gent was to follow the directions that I, obviously smarter than the app, had given him?