Myth Busted – Love Lasts.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~
Germaine Greer

In my post “Divorces On The Rise In India“, I had commented on the intriguing problem of this phenomenon of divorces. Currently, I am mentoring two young ladies who are going through divorce/marital problems. I find that many values that my generation had about marriage, whether actualized or imposed, seem to be on the vane and this is puzzling to me.

I had suggested to my mentee going through marital difficulties that she read Leo Tolstoy’s “Family Happiness”, a less known work of his, as the problems being faced by the lady are very similar to that of the heroine of the story, perceived indifference from the husband of a few years. It is a poignant story which I have always felt to have been under recognized. A story, which should resonate with most married people.

This morning’s Times Of India then thumped me with an article which stated, to me the obvious.

I was happily married for over forty years to one person. Almost all my regular readers
have had long lasting and from all accounts, happy marriages. Nationality and cultural differences do not seem to have had any impact on these marriages. The TOI article, confirms this.

I find it sad that such a great institution is under attack. Why are many young people unable to emulate their elders? What have the older people done or not done?