Somethings Are Not Genetic.

I have no hesitation in accepting that I am a neatnik. I think that it is a virtue.

I use a desk top computer for my blogging, email etc. This involves the use of many cables running behind the screen where the Mac Mini is kept to which they are connected as well as power cables all coiled up.

I decided that I had to do something about this mess and asked Uncle Google for help who suggested that I use a cable organiser.

I promptly ordered for this and have now a neat looking table at the back of the screen.

In organising the cables, I had to take the help of my resident geek, my son and heir, who was cheerfully scornful of the whole exercise.

The organiser package came as a set of two and I offered the spare one to him for his desktop computer and he said that thankfully he has not inherited my OCD!

I suspect that he was referring to my post on a couple of his obsessions!

Gratitude List – February 4, 2012

On Saturday, Ranjan installed a brand new Mac Mini for me, replacing the old one which was slowing down and behaving oddly on and off.

Manjunath and Anju came over and brought home grown and dried lima beans. called double beans here.

Most importantly, my idli life line Chittan came back from his holidays and reported for duty.

Sunday saw Chittan the idli man deliver much to the delight of my father who had had enough of the idlies made by me.

My ex colleague and friend Prasad came over for a visit and to consult about some career matters. It was nice to feel wanted and still respected!

Ranjan found the time to finish the installation of the computer and by late Sunday evening, the new computer with all the old applications became functional.

Mangal had taken leave of absence for two days and Monday was my turn to cook for the three of us. I cooked minced lamb with garlic, boondi raita with potatoes and a green peas pulao. From what was left over, it was obvious that my cooking achieved its purpose.

Instead of cooking on Tuesday, I decided to get food delivered and since there was a special offer available at the neighbourhood Pizza Hut, ordered for some pizzas, pasta and roles. My father thoroughly enjoyed the treat and I was happy to have some change after such a long time. Mitali came to share our lunch with us and brought frozen desserts which was another treat!

Wednesday had me frantic with worry about having deleted most of the folders in my mail program by mistake. When he woke up Ranjan sorted it out in a jiffy and I heaved a sigh of relief when the whole lot was restored.

Mangal extended her LOA and I cooked some unglamorous food and supplemented that with some left overs. It went off well though!

A new restaurant has opened for business about 300 Mts from our home and I went to check it out. As I entered the compound, I had to navigate a couple of steps down from the pavement. The steps were laid with shiny brand new marble. My right elbow crutch slipped as I leaned on it to climb down and I almost fell. Luckily, there were two watchmen who were welcoming me who held me before I took a tumble and I was saved. I suffered a bit of a sprain on the left leg as a result, but that was a small price to pay for the lesson learnt about the shiny marble surfaces. I am very grateful to those two stalwarts for saving me from a fall which could have caused complications to my recovery.

On Thursday, I went to a cafe and to a movie about which I have blogged in detail. I am just grateful to the baristas who gave me special attention as well as the staff at the multiplex who arranged special seating and exit facilities for me seeing me use the elbow crutches.

Friday was anticlimax. Mangal returned to duty and it was nice to have home made food after three days. On my way to the park I met the son of a dear friend who brought me uptodate on the health condition of my friend. Shall visit anon.