Self Absorption.

My regular readers know that I go for a walk every evening at our neighbourhood park. A paved circular path for walkers and a separate one for joggers running parallel to the walking path is provided there. I normally take seven laps of the path every day.

Yesterday, as I was coming round on the eastern side of the park, I saw a flashing light from a young lady sitting on the lawn in the middle of the park. As I got closer and ahead of her, I saw that she was holding a small powder compact in her hand and was applying lipstick. The flashing light was the setting sun reflecting from the mirror. I kept walking.

For the next six laps, every time I passed her, I saw her totally absorbed in the hand held mirror, though she was no longer applying any make-up.

I finished my rounds and sat to rest and pass some time with my friends in our usual perch at the south end of the park from where I could clearly see the lady. I sat around for another half hour with my friends, and the lady was still there still looking at her reflection in the compact, when I left.

A total period of an hour and twenty minutes, and she was totally engrossed in her reflection. Perhaps she sat for some more time after I left. She was totally alone, dressed in a track suit and walking shoes, but she neither walked nor socialized with anyone. She simply sat there all alone, and looked at herself.

I am zapped. I have no idea what this self absorption could mean. Do you have any ideas?