Dinner By Candle Light.

Urmeela and I celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary in 1998 by having a candle lit dinner with another couple in Mumbai. That was the last time till last Saturday, when I had the joy of a candle lit dinner.

Only this time, it was not a romantic evening out. It was male bonding at its best. Karl and I had dinner together at Flour Works, my home away from home as Karl now calls it. We were given special attention and care by Meetha herself cooking up a special vegetarian dish for me while Karl selected his main course off the menu.

Meetha in her inimitable style offered to make it a memorable evening by making it a candle lit one as Karl was a first time visitor. We readily agreed and it was done. Candles floating on water inside squat glasses and all other lights switched off.

It was only subsequently that I came to know that we had been had. It was Earth Hour and Meetha did not mention anything about it to us. Clever Meetha, very clever. Thank you anyway.